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Key Foundation:
Motives: God Looks at the Heart
Key Scriptures:
1 Chronicles 29:17
Proverbs 16:2 ; 20:27
Jeremiah 17:10
Philippians 1:12-18

Read Proverbs 16:2; 20:27; and Jeremiah 17:10.
-In these verses, how is God like or unlike a detective?
Read Philippians 1:12-18.
-Going to church, telling people about Jesus, following the rules… those are good things, right? But what if you do them for the wrong reasons?
-In your own words, what do these verses say about that?
-List some wrong reasons to serve God. Now list some right reasons to serve God.
Read 1 Chronicles 29:17.
-Not only does God see your actions, but God also sees your heart and can tell why you did what you did. Based on what you’ve read, what’s the difference if we do the right thing for the wrong reason?
-the wrong thing for the right reason? Explain.

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