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Key Foundation:
God’s Law is Above Man’s Law
Key Scriptures:
Daniel 3:8-30
Acts 5:25-29
Philippians 4:13

Read Acts 5:25-29.
-What can you learn from the disciples’ choice to obey God over the high council?
-Based on these verses, when are times you might decide to obey God rather than your parents?
-What if you don’t know if something’s right or wrong?
Read Daniel 3:8-30.
-Compare the experience these three men had with the experience Peter and the apostles had.
-How are the experiences similar or different?
-Based on these verses, is it ever okay to obey God over your parents? If so, give an example of when it’s okay.
Read Philippians 4:13.
-Think about how you can use this verse to help you do the right thing.
-How could you respectfully tell your parents you have to obey God rather than them?

Family Activities

GUESS WHAT’S IN THE BOWLItems needed:4 bowlscooked spaghettismall balls or marblesshaving creamriceBlindfold of some kind
-Fill each both with one item from the list then cover.
-Have your family or anyone willing come sit down and put on a blindfold.
-Then have each person playing stick their hand in the bowl and guess what it is.
-Guessing should only happen after everyone has had a chance to put their hand in the bowl. You can use the items listed or try others.

-Sit in a straight line next to at least 3 people, the more people the better.
-The first person will think of a silly saying and quietly whisper it to the next person in their ear.
-Then the second person whispers what they thought into the 3rd person’s ear and so on.
-Until the last person says what was passed on to them. Is the first and last person’s saying the same?