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Key Foundation:
God Puts People in Charge
Key Scriptures:
Romans 13:1-5
1 Peter 2:13-17

Read Romans 13:1-5
-In your own words, what does the Bible say about why God put people in charge of you?
-Why is it important to obey people in charge?
-What has happened to you when you’ve disobeyed people in charge?
-Check out your list of bosses again. Next to each boss, write one reason God made that person your boss.
Read 1 Peter 2:13-17
-It’s clear that God wants us to respect people in authority.  So what do you think? What are some reasons we need people to be in charge of us?
-Why do so many people boss us around?
-How can you show respect to someone God put in charge of you this week?

Family Activities 

Need:  Fork and quarter for each person.  
-Go to a table and place the fork upside down. 
-Then take the quarter and go to the other end of the table. 
-Roll the quarter to see if you can get it in between the fork prongs. 
-If you are playing with others time the group and see who is able to get the quarter in first and how long it took.
Need:  Paper, book to go under the paper, pen, timer
-Sit in a chair or on the couch. 
-Put the book with paper on top at your feet. 
-Take the pen and put it between your first 2 toes. 
-Then set the time for 1:30 and see if you can draw your house. 
-The more details the better!  When time is up, have one person “grade” them and see who did the best.  Who had the most detail or most legible!