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Key Foundation:
Sin Separates Us From God
Key Scriptures:
Isaiah 59:1-2
Matthew 7:13-14
Romans 5:20-21; 6:23

Read Matthew 7:13-14.
-Why doesn’t everyone go to heaven?
-If the way is narrow and difficult, how do you think people find heaven?
Read Romans 6:23.
-Write this verse in your own words on a piece of paper.
-If God is giving this free gift, why don’t more people take it?
Read Isaiah 59:1-2.
-Make a list of things in your own life that keep you separated fromGod and heaven.
Read Romans 5:20-21.
-How are we brought back into a relationship with God?
-How does God’s grace change your life?
What could you say to someone about why not everyone goes to heaven?

Family Activities 

Need:  Fork and quarter for each person.  
-Go to a table and place the fork upside down. 
-Then take the quarter and go to the other end of the table. 
-Roll the quarter to see if you can get it in between the fork prongs. 
-If you are playing with others time the group and see who is able to get the quarter in first and how long it took.

-Pair up with someone in your family.
-Take turns throwing marshmallows to your partner.
-You’ll have to try to catch the marshmallows in your mouth on the first try.
-You can eat any marshmallows you catch. Easy enough, right? Go!
-This time switch who tossing and catching
-NEW RULES : Holding the marshmallows with both hands, walk the marshmallows to your partners. Your partners can eat any marshmallows still in your hands when you reach them
-What was it like to watch the other group play a better game or eat more marshmallows than you? Why was the way you were chosen to play your part fair or unfair? How is playing this game like or unlike what happens when some people get to go to heaven and others don’t?
-You may not have liked the number of marshmallows you received, and you may not have liked watching while others did something you wanted to do. It might have felt unfair.
-Get this: You probably hope or even anticipate that you’ll go to heaven someday, but the Bible says everyone won’t get there. Is that fair? Why doesn’t everyone go to heaven? Let’s grapple with that today.