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Key Foundation:
The Need to Accept Christ’s Gift
Key Scriptures:
John 1:6-13
Romans 10:9-13

Read John 1:6-11.
-Why do you think the world didn’t realize who Jesus is?
-How might someone not “recognize” Jesus today?
Read John 1:12-13.
-What choice do we have in believing in Jesus?
-What does it mean to believe and accept Jesus?
-How do these verses help explain why some people believe in Jesus and others don’t?
-What’s it like knowing that God has given you the choice to accept or reject him?
Read Romans 10:9-13.
_______________________+_______________________ = Salvation.
-What does it mean to confess Jesus with your mouth?
-How is that different from believing in your heart?
-Why are both parts of the equation important?
-Why do you think some people choose another formula for salvation?


Family Activities 

-Give everyone a blindfold or something that allows them not to be able to see
-Next give them challenges to do with their blindfold on such as:  
   “Try to tie your shoes”
    “Use a pen and paper to draw a smiley face and write your name under it”
    Hand them a box of crayons and ask them to pull out the color you ask for
    “When I call your name, I’m going to toss you a ball, try and catch it”
-Play this game in a darkened room, with only a small flashlight for light.
-Set up a circle of chairs—all facing out.
-Place one less chair in the circle than you have people playing the game.
-Tell everyone  that they’ll play Musical Chairs with a twist.
-Unlike regular Musical Chairs, this version is played in the dark.