People Rebelled Against God

Bible Story


 People Rebel Against God

After the great flood, God told Noah and his sons to grow their families and fill the earth. As their families grew, the people started to travel through the land. At this time, everyone in the world spoke the same language.One day, the people traveled through a valley. They liked it there and decided to stay.“We don’t want to be scattered all over the earth,” they said. “Let’s build a city and a tower so big that it touches the sky. The tower will make us famous!”The people made bricks out of clay and baked them in the fire to make stones. Then they used the stones to start building the tower. They wanted glory for themselves instead of God. But God is greater than anyone. God created people to give glory to Him alone.God came down to look at the tower. God said, “If they are doing this, they will keep thinking up more wrong things to do.” So God mixed up the people’s words. Instead of everyone speaking the same language, everyone spoke different languages. When people tried to make plans, they could not understand what other people were saying. If one workman said, “Hand me another brick,” nobody else knew what he wanted.The people had to stop building the city. Families had to move away from each other to live with people they could understand. God made it so the people did just what He had told them to do after the flood. They were scattered all over the world. The city with the unfinished tower was called Babel.



People Rebel Against God

(Genesis 10-11)

People wanted glory for themselves instead of God. They ignored God’s plan, so God confused their language and scattered them all over the earth. One day, Jesus will gather together all of God’s people—from every tribe and language—and they will worship Him together.







Family Discussion Questions

  • Why did God confuse the people’s language?
  • Why does God deserve all glory?
  • Will there ever be a time when all people are brought back together?


Activity Idea

Scatter and Gather


 -Put small pieces of colored tape on the floor all around the room.

-Put one less piece of tape than there are people playing  (ex. 4 kids in family, put 3 pieces of tape).

-Gather the kids to the center of the room and explain that when you say, “Scatter!” they will run to a piece of tape and stand on it.

-The kid left not standing on tape is out of the game. When you say, “Gather!” all the kids will come back to the center of the room.

-Take one piece of tape off the floor so you always have one less piece of tape than kids in the game. Continue playing until only one person is left.





"God has commanded us to scatter and fill the earth. Part of our job on earth is to tell others about God. One day, Jesus will return to make all things new. He will gather all of His people, from every tribe and tongue, to worship the one true God together."