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Unit 22, Session 1: Jesus Healed Ten Men
Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem when He stopped in a village. He was approached by ten men who had leprosy. The men didn’t get too close because according to Jewish law, their disease meant they were unclean. Leviticus 13–14 details the law regarding skin diseases such as leprosy. A person had to go to a priest for a diagnosis, was isolated from others, and then—after healing occurred—returned to the priest to be examined, cleansed, and restored to the community.
The men cried out to Jesus for mercy, and He commanded them to go and show themselves to the priests. As they went, Jesus miraculously healed them. This healing gave the men a new beginning. They would be able to return to their friends and family members. One of the men—a Samaritan among Jews—seeing that he was healed, returned to Jesus.
Luke tells us how this man responded: “He … gave glory to God. He fell face down at his [Jesus’] feet, thanking him” (Luke 17:15-16). This humility and gratitude were evidences of faith. The man’s response shows an understanding of God’s mercy and goodness. Jesus declared, “Get up and go on your way. Your faith has saved you” (v. 19). This man was healed not just physically but spiritually.
Jesus healed the ten men who cried out to Him. The one who had faith was saved. When we trust in Jesus by faith, He heals us from something greater than a disease; He saves us from our sins. We can give Him thanks and worship Him for making us new.
The Bible says all of us have sinned. Our sin makes us unclean, but we can cry out to God like the men with leprosy: “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!” God hears our prayers and answers. The gospel welcomes everyone who turns from their sin and trusts in Jesus.
As you talk with your kids, emphasize that when we trust in Jesus by faith, He heals us from something greater than a disease; He saves us from our sins. We can give Him thanks and worship Him for making us new

Jesus as a Child Matthew 2; Luke 2

God sent Jesus to earth with a purpose. Even as a child, Jesus wanted to honor God. God blessed Jesus as He got ready to follow His Father’s plan: to die on the cross and rescue people from sin.




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What does it mean to be thankful?
When do you feel thankful toward God?
Do you ever feel unthankful?
Why do you think God wants us to be thankful?
What can keep you from being thankful?


Game Ideas

Spot the Difference 
-Help your family  form pairs.
-Instruct each pair to face and study each other.
-After a few moments, have the pairs turn away from each other, and each person will change one aspect of her appearance, such as untying a shoe, raising aneyebrow, removing glasses, and so forth.
-Then, have the pairs will turn to face each other again.
-The first person in each pair who correctly identifies the change in her partner will move on to find another partner.

That was tricky! In our story today, we will learn about a group of ten men who seemed pretty similar. All of them were suffering with the same skin disease.When Jesus healed them, it changed their lives! One man had an even bigger change in his life besides just being healed.

Get Well Soon Cards 
-Provide each kid with a sheet of heavyweight paper.
-Help the kids to fold the sheets in half to make cards.
-Instruct the kids to write kind messages inside the cards and draw pictures on the outside.
-You may choose to provide the kids with the names of people in your church who are sick, or you may encourage the kids to write the cards for someoneelse they know.
Writing a sweet card to people who are sick can be a great way to lift their spirits and help them trust God to help in hard times. Today we will learn aboutsomething Jesus did to help ten sick men.

Serving Jesus

You’re never too young to serve Jesus!Even though we can’t go and visit our neighbors or family members, we can still reach out to them! Choose someone to Facetime or video chat with as a family. Read them an encouraging Bible verse and offer to pray with them!ImageImageImageImageImage[/cs_content_seo]