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Unit 23, Session 4: Jesus Taught About Possessions
A very large crowd—thousands of people (Luke 12:1)—had gathered around Jesus as He taught His disciples. The people recognized Him as a rabbi (teacher), so it was not unusual that someone called out, asking Jesus to settle a financial dispute. But Jesus knew the man was motivated by greed, and He told a story.
In Jesus’ parable, a rich man had so many crops that he decided to tear down his barns and build bigger ones. That way, he could store everything he had and take it easy. But the man was foolish and short-sighted. He didn’t consider he could die that very night. The saying is true: “You can’t take it with you.” Rather than storing up treasures for ourselves, we should live to glorify God and live generously, using what we have on earth to make an eternal impact.
Jesus also addressed worry with His disciples. Jesus’ followers should not be anxious about their basic needs. God takes care of the birds and the flowers. People are God’s most valuable and beloved creatures; we can trust Him to provide for us!
Jesus contrasted the way the unsaved Gentiles lived with how believers should live. Unbelievers seek wealth and possessions as if that was the main goal in life. They act like God does not care about their needs. But our focus should not be on ourselves, our wealth and our possessions; we should focus on God’s kingdom. We do not need to worry. God will provide. He is glad to give us what we need!
God gives us good gifts on earth. We can steward these gifts for His glory. Earthly treasures will not last forever. Jesus is our greatest treasure. Jesus left His place in heaven to live humbly on earth. Jesus obeyed God to set up His kingdom. We can give generously and trust God to provide everything we need.

Jesus Taught About Possessions Luke 12

Jesus is our greatest treasure. Jesus left His place in heaven to live humbly on earth. Jesus obeyed God to set up His kingdom. We can give generously and trust God to provide everything we need.





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Family Discussion Questions

Why is Jesus the greatest treasure?
How can we honor God with the things we own?
When is it hard to be generous?
How have you seen God provide for your family?
How do you know if something is a want or a need?
What current needs does your family have? Pray and ask God to provide.


Game Ideas

Want or Need 
-Designate one side of the room as Wants and the other side as Needs. You may choose to make signs and hang them for kids to see.
-Say the names of different objects the kids might own or wish to own.
-Instruct the kids to move to the side of the room that accurately describes the object you named.
-Allow kids to explain their reasoning. You may read from the suggested list below, or come up with your own.•clothing•healthy food•junk food•new toys•pets•school supplies•clean water


Some of those were things we definitely need, and some of those were probably just things we want. Today, we will learn what Jesus taught about what wewant and need. There’s one thing we need most of all. What do you think that is?

Bubble Blessings  
-Allow the kids to blow bubbles.
-Challenge them to name a blessing God has given them for each bubble they blow.
-Make it even harder by saying they need to say the blessing BEFORE the bubble pops.
No matter how great the blessings are that God has given you, none of them will last forever—none except the eternal life Jesus provides to everyone who has faith in Him. Today, we’ll learn more about Jesus’ teachings about possessions.

Serving Jesus

Take a walk through your neighborhood as a family and pray for the people living in houses that you pass. Pray for their health. Pray for their safety, and pray for them to know and love Jesus. There is so much power in prayer. Model how to pray for these things so that your children may see and learn from you.ImageImageImageImageImage[/cs_content_seo]