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Our Student Ministry Team wants to be intentional and make sure that we are staying Connected to you, our beloved Students! Below you will find your small group and what your group will be doing each week to stay connected and to do life together. If you have any questions you may email your leaders directly or contact Weaz at [email protected]

Hello Parents!

These are challenging days ahead. My hope and prayer is that we can all look back and see how we fought together, for the hearts of students in this season. I and my Student Ministry Team are here to serve your family however we are able.  Parenting your teen can feel like a monumental task at times. Your student is changing and seeking independence more and more. Your baby boy or girl is not a baby anymore, but they'll always be your baby in your heart, and you'll forever be Mom or Dad. So here are some links to help you to be intentional in this season and to invest deeply

Parenting your student may not always be peaceful, but it can be pivotal! Of everyone in the Universe, you have the greatest influence into the lives of your sons and daughter. Leverage that the best that you can. Make it personal and make each day count, because they do, they really, really do! If I can ever assist in fighting for the hearts of your student, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. We are in this fight together, and we are better together! Here are some resources that will potentially help you to fight for that teen in our home.  Blessings, Weaz'


FREE Parent Resources

In this time when students are suddenly home more often, I want to challenge you to have dialogue and spiritual conversations with your student. To better equip you, I have purchased the following curriculum. There are different topics to choose from. But watch a video, then use the discussion guide to have a conversation with your son or daughter. It may sound scary at first. But give it a shot. This could be a very fruitful time to continue to lead as parents and reinforce that firm foundation of Jesus Christ in their lives. Pray about what this could look like. Ask your student what topic would be good to discuss. Then take a shot. Be real, be open and let God bless your efforts. If I can help in any way please let me know! Our entire Student Ministry Team is here for your family in this season and in every season. Blessings, Weaz

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Conversation Guides to help you Connect with your Student:
Middle School-Your middle schooler is changing—their rapidly changing bodies and brains make everything extra interesting, and this time in their life can be very difficult. During this time, your goal is to consistently affirm your middle schooler. This will help...
High School- With teenagers, it seems that pressures increase along with their responsibilities.  Teens will tend to go to others in their circle for support, like their peers and even social media. They likely won’t come running to you. So when a crisis happens, like COVID-19, initiate the conversation. Tap into your influence and your voice in their life. This may get the ball rolling.
Sites with amazing free content on various parenting topics: