I want to first thank you for your sacrificial online giving here at Blackhawk Ministries.  When we first started online giving we utilized a third party called Kindrid.  Then four years ago we began using a new provider called Planning Center.  This new processor provided a better online experience for less cost and gifts were directly applied to the donors giving statement. This decision has continued to be a positive move for Blackhawk Ministries, however Kindrid is no longer going to be an online giving option for us beginning May 1st. Below you will find instructions on how to cancel your current recurring gift. Once you are finished, restart your gift at http://blackhawkministries.org/give

Q: How do I cancel my Recurring Gift with Kindrid?

A: To cancel a recurring gift, you can log into your Giver Account by Clicking HERE, click the Recurring tab, the click the trashcan icon to Stop Payment. If you are having trouble logging into your account, or locating your Recurring gift, please contact us at 260.493.7400 directly for further assistance.