Choose Jesus, Not Sides

31 May 2020

  1. In what ways has the Lord changed your plans lately?
  2. When is the last time you engaged in conversation with someone who felt or believed differently than you?
  3. Do you sympathize with people who have had different experiences than you? In what way?
  4. How does Romans 2:11 help us to find clarity in this and any situation?
  5. “Hurt people hurt people.” How have you seen this in your own life and the lives of those around you?
  6. What would it look like for you to move from comment to conversation?
  7. “The stands people take stem from where they’ve sat and what they’ve seen.” How has this determined your point of view?
  8. What would it look like for you to choose Jesus over choosing sides?
  9. How do liberties sometimes turn into opportunities for the flesh?
  10. Do you need to stop fighting to be right? How?
  11. Would you rather be right or make an eternal difference?
  12. Who is the “they” that you understand the least?
  13. How does Romans 5:8 apply to our need to be right?
  14. “Bearing means caring.” How might this show up in your life this week?
  15. What did Kevin suggest about ways to put this message into motion?