Gortzius Geldorp (1553-1616)

Mark the Evangelist

Contagious Grace

Mark 1:40-45

19 April 2020

1. Do you ever feel defined by your struggles, problems and failures?


2. How does Jesus’ interaction with this leper help us to see ourselves the way God sees us?


3. What might your “51st step” be? What do you need to do to respond to Jesus?


4. How does the leper’s physical response to Jesus prepare us for his words to Jesus?\


5. You are not defined by the worst moments of your life. Your issues are not your identity. How does this truth offer encouragement to you today?


6. Why is it easier to believe in God’s greatness than His goodness? Has this question been on your mind in this season of our lives?


7. How might you communicate “contagious grace” this week? How has Jesus’ grace changed you as you come close to Him?


8. How did the Christians of the third century distinguish themselves in a time of crisis? How might we in the 21st Century?


9. How does the information in Leviticus 13 reveal even more about suffering of a leprous person?


10. What was the greatest pain for a person with leprosy?


11. How might we identify with this leper from Mark 1?


12. Why is it more risky to remain isolated than to experience intimacy?


13. How might you put the “proximity producers” into practice in your life this week? Which of them do you think you need the most?


14. How do we come to better understand a person’s context?


15. How does Jesus take the leper’s place at the end of Mark 1? How does this help you understand the gospel better? (2 Corinthians 5:21)