Mark 6:30-44

  1. What comes to mind with Kevin’s sermon title today?
  2. What is unique about this miracle in the Gospels?
  3. How has God used things this last ten weeks that you wouldn’t have chosen?
  4. What is Jesus’ initial reaction to the crowd? If you were one of the disciples how do you think you would react?
  5. How has God’s invitation come your way in seasons of inconvenience?
  6. Have you ever prayed away things that God may have wanted to use in your life?
  7. How has God used shortage as a stage in your life for His supply?
  8. How do our posture and God’s provision work together?
  9. Do you ever feel that you’re being asked to give what you don’t have?
  10. Why is shortage the best place to see God’s supply?
  11. Can you thank God even when you don’t have enough?
  12. Can you trust God in your seasons of breaking? Are you in a season of “breaking”?
  13. What shift of focus is a true mark of Christian maturity?
  14. How might you believe big and start small?
  15. How might you “go and see” this week how God’s supply is sufficient for your shortage?