Hebrews 10:19-25

14 June 2020

Restful Reminders

  1. Do you find yourself in a season of weariness?
  2. How does a person get a place in God’s family?
  3. What is the “dividing wall of hostility” between people and God?
  4. How does the truth that Jesus is not surprised by anything an encouragement to you in troubled times?
  5. Jesus is able to sympathize with us in our weakness. How does this encourage you today?
  6. What does it mean that we are the house of God?
  7. Do you ever find yourself experiencing divided loyalties in your relationship to God?
  8. How does Exodus 29 connect with our practice of communion?
  9. How does baptism symbolize our relationship with God?
  10. What is the “right hope”? What is the wrong hope? Where do you find yourself placing your hope in this moment?
  11. What does it mean to fight “from victory” and not “for victory”?
  12. How have you reimagined “assembling together” these last few months? How has it been a blessing? How has it been a struggle?
  13. Why does “holding fast your confession” mean holding loosely to your own opinions?
  14. What is the relationship between meeting other people’s needs and your own needs?
  15. How does the truth of “the day drawing near” make the commands of Hebrews 10 more urgent?