Our Future Together

Blackhawk Ministries reaches people of all ages and backgrounds through a large variety of ministry venues. Our facilities are extremely ?multi-use? and we work hard to maximize the resources God has entrusted to us. As our ministries continue to grow, we are setting out to both expand and improve our ability to reach and equip people for Jesus through our facilities.

We will accomplish OUR FUTURE TOGETHER by partnering with you to address three key challenges.

Existing Debt

At Blackhawk Ministries, we have experienced several building opportunities in our history. As a result, we have been carrying a mortgage for many years. During recent family meetings, the desire to eliminate current debt was clearly evident as the heart of our people. At the end of ?Our Future Together? campaign, the goal is to expand our ministry and, at the same time, completely eliminate debt.

Facility Upgrades

Our current buildings have served us well for more than forty-seven years, but we have a present need to upgrade and refresh many areas of our facilities. Some of our biggest ?first impression? areas need updates or replacement: the foyer, offices, parking lots, roofs, sound and Bible Hour equipment. By addressing these needs, we will enhance our ability to be guest-friendly, minister to our church family and reach people with excellence.

Children?s Ministries

Currently, we have an amazing opportunity to reach and equip children for Jesus through our Children?s Ministry and Blackhawk Christian School. However, we do not have the facility space to accommodate our current needs and growth. Through creating dedicated and secure space to meet these needs, we will literally be building for our future together in ways that will drastically impact Blackhawk?s ministry to all of our children.

Our Vision

Since 1969, hundreds of families have called Blackhawk ?home.? The growth we have experienced, and only see multiplying currently, is nothing short of God?s Hand at work. God?s mission for His church is clear and unchanging: ?Go and make disciples of all nations.? Our commitment to make disciples both in our community and around the world drives us forward each day. We hope you will join in that vision.

Our vision is to see our neighbors, our coworkers, our kids and grandkids and the people we cross paths with on a daily basis encounter Jesus! We want to see their lives changed forever by His grace. Pursuing future ministry, while utilizing God?s provisions, means stretching, growing and expanding. God has led Blackhawk Ministries today to such a season of growth.

Our church mortgage has been a ministry hurdle for many years. Collectively, our family has a desire to eliminate this debt. Our current debt projection would require fourteen years to complete, but with the ?Our Future Together? initiative, Blackhawk Ministries will be completely debt free in as little as six years! The debt is eliminated even with the projected expansion.

Our new construction and facility improvements are not so much about bricks and mortar and equipment, but they are about people who are the target, vision and mission of the church. Lives will be changed for all of eternity in these buildings.

Having dedicated and secure space for our Children?s Ministry and Blackhawk Christian School will open new doors of opportunity to reach families and invest in the next generation. The facility expansion and improvements will also allow us to minister with both excellence and security to all of the little lives God brings our way.

God is already blessing our commitment to pursuing solid stewardship of our resources and
to becoming a debt-free church. He is just getting started! We look forward to partnering with you as we celebrate and improve ?Our Future Together.?

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