People with Special Needs are welcome at Blackhawk Ministries, and can attend wherever their needs are best met. They may want to attend Sunday School class with others about their age, or the Friendship Class if they find it to be a better “fit.”

The Friendship Class is made up of people of various ages who are mentally and/or physically handicapped. It also includes people who become their friends. We enjoy singing, learning God’s truth and talking to Him in prayer. We love to worship and honor God together. Everyone can learn at his or her own level, whatever that may be. We share our concerns and pray for one another . . . and thank God for his answers! We look for ways we can serve others, as well. We also enjoy social activities together. ANYone is welcome.

In addition to having accessible facilities, one restroom is a private room allowing another person to assist if needed. It also has an adult size changing table.