We are sorry that you are having problems viewing the service. 

Most issues can be solved by doing one of the following. 

1) Which browser are you using?  We run best on Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. 

2) Refresh screen 

3) Use lower quality broadcast: To do this hover your mouse over the video screen, click on the gear that appears in the lower right hand corner.  There you can select a lower video quality.

4) Some users may see an out of focus image.  This is caused when your resolution auto drops due to a bad internet connection. You will still be able to watch the service but the picture will not be as clear.

5) Close any other tabs or programs that are running on your computer or phone.  Even though you are not using them they are often using bandwidth.

6) Are other people at your location streaming video or gaming?  This will lower your available bandwidth, remember you are sharing your bandwidth with everyone in your home.

7) Reset your home router: Over time your router may become cluttered with data and updates.  Resetting it will often speed it up.

8) Check your connection speed – http://www.speedtest.net/ : If you see a result that is significantly lower than what you are paying for contact your provider.

9) To Cast the video right click on the video window then click Cast.

10) If you don’t have the cast icon try downloading a browser to your streaming device (Roku, Fire TV or Chrome Cast…) and stream it from there.