Establishing a habit of family devotions can be tough. With school, work, activities and appointments, but, with some creative planning, it is a worthwhile investment into your family’s walk with God.

This family devotional is a great tool. We will offer these to our Blackhawk families for a limited time for only $5. PRE-REGISTER online to receive your copy.

Your Promise Gives Me Life

A Family Devotional Guide about Knowing and Trusting God’s Promises

Lessons: 40
Target Age: Family
Age Range: 6 Years – Adult

One of the greatest means of fighting the fight of faith is to cling to the precious promises of God. There is a promise for every trial we endure, every emotion we feel, and every temptation we face. God’s promises are a sword and a shield for the soul. But, like any other spiritual weapon, they languish in our souls if we do not know them and trust them. This is the only way to find refuge in God’s promises.
This book has been written to encourage your family to study God’s promises, memorize them, store them in your soul, run to them in time of need, pray them, and trust them when the winds of adversity blow. They will breathe new life into your soul.