As part of this past December’s Give Light offering, Blackhawk was able to continue our partnership with the church in Aweil, South Sudan to build a church gathering space that will keep them protected and dry during the rainy season (8 months of the year). Prior to this building, their meeting location was made of straw and sticks and the area would flood each time it rained. Now they have a dry location to worship! Our own Elder Phil Ferguson, on his most recent visit to South Sudan in March, was able to help Pastor Wol with the purchasing of materials (he also got to have a little fun with a donkey that drank up the excess water from the well Blackhawk helped fund last year!)

Click to watch: Video–donkey at well

Here are some photos of their current building, followed by some of the photos they sent us of the progress on the new building!


Also because of your Give Light offering, we were able to continue to partner with Global Action and our Egypt partner Basem Saad to begin a theology class in Aweil this year. Global Action equips pastors and ministry leaders to receive a solid biblical foundation so they can understand, teach, and live out the Gospel. This will have a significant ripple effect for years to come, and it will change countless lives!

Thank you, Blackhawk, for participating in this Kingdom work!