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Unit 24, Session 4: Jesus Showed His Glory
As Jesus traveled and taught, people were trying to figure Him out. Who was this man? Was He a prophet? Was He crazy? Where did He come from? Some people thought He was John the Baptist who had been raised from the dead; others thought He was Elijah or another ancient prophet. Peter recognized Jesus as God’s Messiah. (See Luke 9:19-20.)
One of the ways Jesus revealed His identity was through His miracles. Jesus performed miracles to glorify God, to show He is the Son of God, and to care for people. For three of Jesus’ disciples—Peter, James, and John—Jesus’ identity became even more clear when they witnessed His transfiguration, or change in appearance. The disciples accompanied Jesus to a mountain to pray. The location was likely Mount Hermon, which sits about 40 miles north of the Sea of Galilee.
Jesus’ appearance changed as He prayed: His face changed and His clothes became dazzling white. Moses and Elijah appeared with Him, and they talked about Jesus’ upcoming departure (His death and resurrection). Peter, James, and John had been sleeping, but they awoke to the incredible sight.
When you share with your kids, review who Moses and Elijah were. In the Old Testament, God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Later, Elijah was a prophet to Israel. As Moses and Elijah were leaving, a cloud covered the whole group and a voice—God the Father’s—said, “This is my Son, the Chosen One; listen to him!”
Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James, and John. Jesus said He would die, rise from the dead, and return to heaven. One day, Jesus will come back to earth in His glory to make all things new.
At the transfiguration, Peter, James, and John beheld Jesus’ glory. We look forward to the day when Jesus will return in full glory to make all things new. While we wait, God calls us to share the gospel with others so they can share in the joy of knowing Jesus, the Son of God, and seeing His glory when He returns.

Jesus Showed His Glory
(Matthew 17; Mark 9; Luke 9)
Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James, and John. Jesus said He would die, rise from the dead, and return to heaven. One day, Jesus will come back to earth in His glory to make all things new.




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Family Discussion Questions

What do you know to be true about Jesus?• Describe a time you felt peace in a difficult situation.• What fears do you need to trust Jesus with?
What is God’s glory?• How can we glorify God?• Why is it good for us to glorify God?


Game Idea

Glow In the Dark

 -Provide a variety of glow-in-the-dark objects you can find around the home.
-Invite the kids to play with the objects.

-Occasionally dim or turn out the lights so the kids can see how brightly the items glow and how quickly they fade.



Glow-in-the-dark objects cannot shine unless they absorb the light-energy of other sources of light. Even after absorbing that energy, they quickly give off all the light they were able to store. In a way, these objects can help us think about the way we“shine” for Jesus. We cannot give off any light apart from Jesus. In our story, Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James, and John, and it shone as bright as the sun. When we believe the truth of the gospel, it transforms our lives so that we become lights in the world. But how brightly we shine depends a lot on how much time we spend with Jesus, the source of our light. We study our Bibles, pray, and fellowship with other believers to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus, so that we can shine His light onto everyone we meet.

Serving Jesus

Have your child(ren) write encouraging notes/emails to their teacher. Teachers have had a really tough job this fall, so take some time to encourage them and pray for them.ImageImageImageImageImage[/cs_content_seo]