OUR LEADERSHIP: Elders, Deacons, Staff

OUR BELIEFS: Foundational Documents

At Blackhawk Ministries, we value integrity, transparency, and excellence in how we operate according to God’s plan for His Church as discovered in His Word. Our church is built on this premise and is captured in the form of three Foundational Documents: Statement of Faith, Leadership Essentials, Constitution and Bylaws. In addition, our elders maintain a Resource Library that supports and provides further resources to our foundational documents. Our hope is that these resources help you discover who we are as a Church and support your journey of becoming a disciple of Jesus that makes disciples.

OUR MISSION: Make Disciples

The mission of the church remains unchanged in an ever-changing world. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus gave His Church the Great Commission to GO and make disciples of all nations. In Acts 1:8, Jesus specifies that our mission starts across our own streets and extends around the world.

OUR VISION: #lighttheonefive

Our One Five Vision is an intentional effort to make disciples, reaching the world for Jesus, starting with our own zip code. This vision has four foundational elements:

  1. John 1:5 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
  2. 46815 Taking the Light of Jesus to dark places, starting with our own zip code
  3. 15 Taking the Light of Jesus into our 15 surrounding zipcodes
  4. 15 Taking the Light of Jesus into 15 strategic world regions

OUR METHOD: Gather, Connect, Go

As a member of Blackhawk, we want you to be involved in 3 specific areas of our church:

  1. GATHER: We want you to come to know God more in a weekly worship service.
  2. CONNECT: We want you to find community in a weekly small group as you navigate life with others, guided by God’s Word.
  3. GO: We want you to join God’s work to change the world through missions, evangelism, and volunteering.


You may wonder what that looks like for you in a practical sense, so we put our mission into action in what we call “My Discipleship Journey.” My Discipleship Journey is a pathway for spiritual growth we use at Blackhawk to help people grow in their walk with Jesus.